With this application, the Organizer, on behalf of itself, its officers, directors, employees, and/or agents, hereby applies to be granted recognition as the organizer of an Iowa BBQ Society sanctioned contest. Organizer acknowledges that it has received and reviewed the IOWA BBQ SOCIETY Sanctioning Agreement and shall abide by its contents, terms, conditions and will cause each representative, employee or agent of Organizer (each a "Representative") to do so. The Contest Organizer, on behalf of itself and its Representatives, further agrees to the following conditions in consideration for sanctioning from IOWA BBQ SOCIETY

Please Read Each of the Following Conditions Carefully

1. Organizer understands and agrees to the terms and conditions as outlined in this application for sanctioning of my contest. I agree that any actions taken by the Organizer and the Organizer Representatives related to the Contest will be in compliance with the policies and principles of IOWA BBQ SOCIETY.

2. Organizer understands that this sanction request must be in the IOWA BBQ SOCIETY office a minimum of 90 days prior to the contest date.

3. Organizer has included the minimum fee of $200.00 with the sanction request form. Please include additional fees for extra categories to be scored. See entry form

4. Organizer agrees to submit to IOWA BBQ SOCIETY a minimum of 90 days prior to the contest a list of all prizes to be awarded and agree that IOWA BBQ SOCIETY shall not be responsible for the payment or delivery of any prizes.

5. Organizer solely shall pay prize monies as published/advertised to at least 3 places plus a Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion. The Organizer may not reduce these amounts after sanctioning and advertising. Prize monies may not be reduced after the day that is 90 days prior to the date of the contest. 6. Organizer agrees to pay the balance due of all IOWA BBQ SOCIETY fees at the end of contest day.

7. Organizer agrees to pay representative's reimbursements at the end of contest day.

8. Organizer agrees to follow and abide by IOWA BBQ SOCIETY Rules & Regulations and Judging Procedures.

9. Organizer agrees to provide professional security for the protection of teams and guests at all times during the event.

10. Organizer agrees to provide a Certificate of Insurance, a minimum of 90 days prior to the contest, with IOWA BBQ SOCIETY named on a certificate of insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000.00/per incident and 2,000,000.00 in aggregate; where Organizer is protected by a self-insurance pool or statue, Organizer shall make all best and reasonable arrangements to provide such similar protection to IOWA BBQ SOCIETY, reasonably demonstrated in writing.

11. Organizer agrees to distribute prize monies and awards on the specified contest day.

12. Organizer will use all best and reasonable efforts to use the official IOWA BBQ SOCIETY logo on all contest materials, including but not limited to: promotional items, advertisements, banners, signage, t-shirts and all other contest materials.

13. Organizer agrees to provide needed material and supplies requested by IOWA BBQ SOCIETY to run the contest. In addition, I agree to provide all support personnel required by the IOWA BBQ SOCIETY Contest Rep, including meat inspectors and volunteers to work in the Judging area.

14. Organizer will use all best and reasonable efforts to donate to IOWA BBQ SOCIETY one free entry for a team, which will be used to promote your contest at the annual banquet and as part of the IOWA BBQ SOCIETY events at the banquet.

15. Organizer shall keep in contact with all teams prior to contest with updates of schedule of events and current team lists. Registered teams may have the option to decline participation if required minimums are not met.

16. A first time Organizer will make all best and reasonable efforts to research and speak with other organizers for insight to give our contest the best chance of success.

17. Organizer understands that this agreement does not create a partnership. Neither Contest Organizer, nor any of its employees, agents, officers or directors, is an agent or employee of IOWA BBQ SOCIETY. No agency relationship, joint venture, or partnership shall be established, expressly or by implication between the Organizer and its representatives, on the one hand, and IOWA BBQ SOCIETY and its representatives, on the other hand. IOWA BBQ SOCIETY agrees to provide the Organizer with its proprietary set of contest rules, materials and the officials to conduct the judging portion of the contest. The Organizer is responsible for all other issues concerning their event.

18. IOWA BBQ SOCIETY does not make any representation to the Organizer, nor guarantee the profitability of any contest, nor agree to provide or guarantee any part of prize monies by agreeing to provide sanctioning. Sanctioning does not guarantee the number of participants who will participate, and no such representation has been made to the Organizer.

19. All Sanction requests are reviewed at periodic IOWA BBQ SOCIETY Board of Directors meetings. Sanction approval is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors based on date availability, lead time, strength of application and supporting materials, availability of Contest Representatives and other factors consistent with and pursuant to IOWA BBQ SOCIETY exempt purposes.

20. The minimum sanction fee of $200 must accompany this application before any sanctioning request is presented to the IOWA BBQ SOCIETY Board of Directors. If the application is not approved, the fee will be refunded. The sanctioning fee is otherwise non-refundable.

21. Organizer further understands that upon any violation of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. IOWA BBQ SOCIETY may in its sole discretion terminate this Agreement upon written notice to Organizer. In that event, IOWA BBQ SOCIETY will withdraw sanctioning and will not provide services to the Organizer; Organizer will forfeit all monies and fees previously paid to IOWA BBQ SOCIETY. Organizer will return all IOWA BBQ SOCIETY property and materials and cease using the IOWA BBQ SOCIETY name and logo.

22. In consideration of the above covenants, the undersigned, officially representing the organization herein named organizer, its officers and directors, agrees to hold Iowa BBQ Society, its Board of Directors, officers, volunteers, and their assigns harmless from any and all claims, suits or proceedings of any nature which may be brought against them on account of any action, non-action on the part of the organizer, its officers, employees or volunteers including any injuries to the person or property received during or related to the above described event. The undersigned agrees to abide by all requirements and responsibilities for IOWA BBQ SOCIETY sanctioned events as stated in the sanctioning requirements. The undersigned agrees to execute the contest in accordance with IOWA BBQ SOCIETY Rules & Regulations, and pay all fees (sanction and advertising) and prize amounts as set forth.

23. Settlement of any disputes will be governed under the laws of the State of Iowa.

24. If your contest requires an overnight stay, they IOWA BBQ SOCIETY will require a quiet time starting at 11PM and continuing until 7AM the following morning. Failure to maintain a quiet and safe environment may result in IOWA BBQ SOCIETY withdrawing contest sanctioning with no penalty to IOWA BBQ SOCIETY.

25. Organizer understands that they may not make any alterations to the rules or items submitted for judging after sanctioning is approved.

Special Note to All Contest Organizers

All Contest Organizers shall submit the following to the Iowa BBQ Society 90 days “PRIOR” to their contest date(s): A list of prizes, all prizes and a duly executed instrument guaranteeing payment or delivery of such money or other prizes by Organizer.  A Certificate of insurance with the Iowa BBQ Society named as an insured on a certificate of insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000.00 per incident and 2,000,000.00 in aggregate.