The Iowa BBQ Society Hall of Fame is intended to honor BBQ individuals, teams, businesses and local charities who have distinguished themselves in the pursuit of recognizing barbeque as America's Cuisine, while celebrating, teaching, preserving & promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

 Selection or induction is “NOT” guaranteed.

 No more than 2 members will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in any given year.  All inductees will receive an official Hall Of Fame notification letter, Hall of Fame Framed Certificate and a Lifetime Membership in the Iowa BBQ Society.

 Individuals or teams will be notified upon their selection.

 The Iowa BBQ Society Executive Selection Committee shall consist of the current President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary, all board elected representatives along with 2 “At Large” membership members.  This committee will review and select all nominee requests for induction into the Iowa BBQ Society Hall of Fame.

 The individual or team selection criteria are as follows:


Local, state or national recognition for outstanding achievement in barbecue excellence such as:


  • BBQ Competitions
  • Judging & Promoting BBQ
  • Business & Industry
  • Charitable Volunteering & Giving


All Hall of Fame applications MUST include the following:


**If any Hall of Fame application does not include all of the following information it will not be considered**



  • Proof of Membership in the Iowa BBQ Society


    • Nominee must be verified by the Current IBS Membership Director
    • Nominee must NOT have a lapse in Membership longer than 1 Year


  • Nomination Letter (Must include the following)


    • Name of Individual or Team
    • Mailing Address (City, State & Zip Code)
    • Email Address
    • Contact Phone Numbers (Home & Cell)
    • Biographical Sketch of Individual/Team (Limited to 1000 Words either Typed Format or Email)
    • Name of nominating person or entity


All nominee induction paperwork must be submitted to the Iowa BBQ Society Executive Selection Committee no later than November 15th of every year.

To obtain a Hall of Fame Nomination form please email 

Nominations, further inquiries, other information or questions for the Iowa BBQ Society Executive Selection Committee should be submitted to:     Iowa BBQ Society Hall of Fame         Email: