IA Backyard Sanctioning Package 2

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1. The Backyard BBQ Organizer will receive a 1 year membership in the Iowa BBQ Society
2. Chicken & Rib Categories are required be part of the organizers contest! NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Includes one (1) PDF Word Document of the IBS Backyard BBQ Rules.
4. Includes Judges Placemat’s & Scorecards, enough for up to 15teams/judges (for every additional five teams it would be an extra$15.00). These will be mailed directly to the organizer 1 week before their contest.
5. Includes one (1) PDF Spreadsheet of Certified KCBS BBQ Judges.
6. Includes one (1) PDF Word Document containing the Judges Sign-In Sheet (All judges will be required to sign the sheet with their nameand KCBS Judges number).
7. Includes a sanctioning document which will contain the following information and will be filled out completely & sent to the Society in order to be a “Sanctioned” Contest:
a. Name of Contest
b. Date of the Contest
c. Signature of Organizer
d. Date the document was signed
e. The document must contain “Turn-In” Times for each category
f. The document must be returned to the Iowa BBQ Society along with a check, no less than 45 days before contest is to be held.
g. The document will state that all organizers are responsible for making sure all sanctioning rules are followed correctly, and any/all organizers will use no less than 90% KCBS Certified BBQ Judges (100% Certified Judges is preferred). 
8. Includes one (1) Iowa BBQ Society Certified Backyard Rep assigned directly to your contest.  The reps phone number & email will also be provided. The rep will be available for any/all questions at anytime prior to and including the day of the contest.


i. This rep will also be scoring your contest the day of your event.
ii. The Rep will not be “On-Site.  They will score your contest remotely.

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